Monday, October 18, 2004

So after trying to fix the font color a lot, I have now made the font for the posts white, if it's still where you can't read it I dunno what to tell you. I've found that it depends on your screen brightness so brighten up your screen if you want.

Today has been a long day. Pete's first day at work went well, and he got his package today so he was happy :) Seems as long as he gets 36 hours in a week (the work week in England, whereas over here its 40!) he can pretty much pick his hours so yay. That should be nice, maybe he can work it so he gets a day or two off when I'm over for Christmas. He said its funny how many people try to rip off the DSS (not sure what that stands for Department of Social Services? but the people who give out the money to unemployed people basically.) He said that this one guy wanted them to pay for the catering at a funeral he has to pay for or something ??!!! And another guy wanted them to pay for his cab fare on holiday, he went abroad on holiday on..A PLANE..even though he said he's afraid of public transportation. So he wanted them to pay for the cab fare because he couldn't get the public transport to the airport WTF??!!! Anyway.

I have a midterm and a quiz on Weds, and a mid-term on Thursday. Woohoo. I'm so happy. Yeah. Right.

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