Saturday, October 23, 2004

I love I really do. I saw a book at Barnes & Noble that I wanted to get for Pete for Christmas but it would have been $26 plus tax. I got it at amazon for $21 with shipping!! I hope he likes it, he's a fast reader but doesn't read often, but I thought this book was interesting....and I know he'll be interested as it's about one of his favorite TV shows...enough said I think.

What's up with Halloween candy being so expensive ? For a large bag of assorted Hershey's candy (Resses, Hersheys, Kit Kats, etc) Walmart wanted $8!!!! They did have 2 small bags on sale for $4 but that was a rip off! Not buying any until its closer to Halloween, because I'll just eat it. Plus I don't know if the kids from the School for the Deaf and Blind are coming this year. Maybe Big Lots has cheaper candy?

I feel really bad, my friend Tiffany's birthday was on the 5th of Oct and I haven't gotten around to sending her card out :( I didn't know her zip code, then I used my last stamp to send out a birthday card for my aunt! So tomorrow I need to get my butt to the post office to get stamps. Really sorry Tiff! This semester has been MAD BUSY.


Lynn said...

Hi Juls!

Hope you and Pete are both doing well :D Have you guys got any Christmas plans yet? Just wanted to stop by and see how you were!


Juls said...

Hi Lynn

I'll be in England for Christmas :) Pete just got a job not to long ago so we'll wait until he gets his first wages before we book the tickets but not long to wait!

Jennie said...

That is a lot to be spending on candy. I've been buying smaller bags, spreading it over a few weeks. So some kids had better come by or I'll have to eat it all myself. ;)

Hope you're finding some time to have fun this weekend.

Hey & thanks for your comment: "You wouldn't like random people to question your way of living, so it is only fair not to do that to others." Very well said. :D