Friday, November 05, 2004

Hello darling ones,

I started to blog yesterday I think but then I went to another page by accident and it erased. Well I'm not exactly happy about the election but it was predictable - during a War presidents are almost always re-elected. The only thing I'm glad about it that Bush will only be in office another 4 years, hopefully then maybe Hilary with run - sorry but I think she would be good. Then again I always did like the Clinton's lol.

The most exciting thing going on in my life is that the in-laws are doing a fancy dress (costume) party on New Years Eve so for the last few days I've been watching a cheerleader costume on ebay. If I get it I'll link to it, the bidding doesn't end until 10:30am tomorrow so hopefully I'll get it. There aren't any other bids on it at the moment.

Have to say I forgot to link to Expat Palette for the voting blinkie, sorry!

Well another school work weekend for me :( Oh well. Only 39 Days until I'm in England!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Extraordinarily dissatisfied with the election. I too am reminiscing of brighter days when the Clintons were in the White House. If Hilary ran I'd totally vote for her.
2008 seems a long way off. Take care.


Me, Myself and I said...

so dissaponting that some of your patriots voted Bush coz, actually, who are gonna suffer the consequences are gonna be them... I am sorry for the result, really, I thought people realised that a changed was needed....

Oh dear, just 1 month !!! :))))

Juls said...

I know Miriam :( Very sad.

NatalieLucy said...

Hey Juls,

Sorry to hear your Dissapointed with the results of the election. I can agree with your comment "During a War presidents are almost always re-elected."

Ooh cool about the costume party on New Years that sounds like fun. Wow not long to go till your in England. Time goes by so quick.

Hope you have a good weekend.