Monday, November 08, 2004

Tony, Lin, Neil, Mick, Joan and Jan (in front)  Posted by Hello


Lynn said...

Hiya Juls :)

Bet you're getting excited about coming here for Christmas! I know I'm barely able to contain myself about going home!

To answer your question (left on my blog) about absentee voting, I forgot to order my form in time to vote, so no I didn't vote :( It really upsets me that I didn't, but it can't be helped.

Lin and Tony look very cute, btw! LOL! Looks as though they had a good time :) But....where's Pete?!?!? Did he not dress up??? LOL!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Me, Myself and I said...

LOL funny pictures Juls ! hahaha awww that's great that they are such a gang of brave people to dress up like that ( not too many "old" people do that )

Juls said...


Thats a shame you didn't vote :( Nope Pete didn't dress up lol Lin and Tony are doing a fancy dress (costume) party of New Years and we're dress up for that ;)


Hehe, Don't call them old I don't think they know they are ;)