Tuesday, November 23, 2004

So...I guess since I have some time I should elaborate on the weekend...

Getting my car almost towed...

Well it all started when I got to Sara's apartment and we decided to try to find something to eat and then to go out and get her a new fish since her's recently died. So we went out and weren't out very long, maybe 2 hours at the most. We head back to her place and as we pull in the driveway she says "I wonder who's car is getting towed?" You know when for a split second you don't recognize your own car??! And then we both said some four letter words and I jumped out of the car to hear the tow truck guy say.."is this your vehicle?" No its not I just don't want you to tow it for now apparent reason!!! Ummm yeah its mine!!! As he was hoisting up the back tires to tow it away. He said that for $40 he wouldn't tow it, so we went to the ATM and got some money and came back. Turns out the management at Sara's apartment didn't tell them the rules were changing to tow anyone without a decal even on weekends 24/7 and of course she didn't get me a vistors pass because she didn't think they could tow me on a Friday night at 8pm Ahhhhh. So I had to go move my car to a parking garage and then get up early in the morning on Saturday and move it to the Target parking lot for the day before we went out to where Sara had to go to do her project and then to the movies.

Getting the boot unstuck....

Well we drove about an hour from G-ville to these marshes so Sara could get data from the water there. We went to 3 different sites and at the third site she got stuck in the mudd in her rubber suit she had to borrow from the uni to go into the marshes in. This is why she needed someone to come with her, to make sure she didn't get stuck and not be able to get out. So she was done with her data gathering and she was going to get out, when she discovered her boot was stuck in the mudd. So she got her foot out of the boot and we tried everything to get the boot un-stuck. Finally Sara managed to get it un-stuck with her bare hands after trying to use all the instruments that were around ie an old water bottle, an old beer bottle that was on the shore etc. But we both got our legs up to our knees pretty much covered in gross mudd.


Anyway....the day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving!! I can't believe it!!! And in less than three weeks I will be in England!!! I'm finding it hard to get in the holiday season as its unusually hot her for this time of year - today is in the low 80's! UGH. But I need to get my cold weather stuff ready for England so the cold should put me in the spirit! I need a new pair of black gloves - as I lost one of mine the last time I was over in the winter. And I need a few new sweathers/jumpers, and Pete is buying me a new coat for Christmas so I won't have to wear my mom's coat the whole time I'm over, and I can also just leave my new one in England when I come back here. :)

I got my costume for the fancy dress/costume party on New Years. The only trouble is I can't get it zip up all the way :( So I'm trying to lose to weight to help that, but if not I think I'll just wear my button up black sweather over it to hid the unzipped zipper - I always have problems zipping up things because the middle of my back is unusually wide compared to the rest of me lol.

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