Thursday, August 05, 2004

BJD is back. V. good. Release date: November 19th woohoo.
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See the teaser trailer here!


Anonymous said...

Hey Juls!!
Love your haircut, I am going on Saturday and am thinking of having a lot off too for a change and to get my hair into good condition again

I have posted the mag off to you 1st class, so it should be there sometime next month, lol, no seirously you should get it b4 Saturday.

Big Hugs!!!
Gem xx

Mel said...

Can't wait for it being released. We have to wait another couple of months though :-( Did you read the book, I meant the sequel already? I loved it and was wishing they would film it too ;-)
Your hairstyle looks very nice!!

NatalieLucy said...

Hey Juls,

I love your haircut, very nice :) looks like your having a great time with Pete. Ooh I can't wait to see the new BJD it looks good.

Hope you have a great weekend.
Take Care.

Anonymous said...

hey sad girl.... AWWW, i know , your blue. well time to to go back, get started with a new school year, and start counting the days till christmas. it will pass quickly, till you and the man are together again, and a new year in school is always exciting. Is pete's dad going to barbeque the christmas turkey on christmas with his new toy? lol( my brother in jersey has the same gas grill thingy , and they love it passionately.
anyway, girl , have a good flight home, chin up, be strong and look forward to the next good time with your beloved pete.
im off to blighty tonight, via istanbul,( two hours) than into manchester.( 4 hours) ,, david flew last week, and said it was ok flights , but loooooooong...
mum and dad have promised 10 days of spoiling me and the unborn first grandchild, who has caused frenzy in the entire family,,, evryone is coming to pat my tummy,, arghghghg,, lol
no barbeques( these northerners say it rains too much for that, or it would get pinched from the back) but mum will have her sunday lunch waiitng for me when i get in tomorrow afternoon,, yum!!!!
see you when im back

Juls said...

Mmmmm mother in law's sunday lunch! I am having that myself tomorrow as my last day treat :)

Have a safe flight Lizzy and bump ;)

Heidi said... V. cool <---thats me jumping for joy! I can't wait!!!