Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Hi blogville

Not too much to report from me recently. I have a cold, yes in August. Last week had to be the longest of my life! I got home on last Monday - and since then I haven't had a good night's sleep, been to the dentist, caught a really bad cold, survived through a hurricane, and have been taking care of my 19 month old niece and nephew. Needless to say I pine for the 6 weeks I had of total nothing-ness, drama-less bliss in England, being normal and enjoying my life. But now my throat hurts so bad I can't swallow without a lot of pain (it was worse until I took medicine,) and my ears feel like they're going to explode with fluid. Lovely.

By the way I got my room assignment and roommate's name and phone number for this year - my roommate is from Texas, and we're on the 3rd floor of the dorms!!! So I'm guessing the room is going to be as small, if not smaller than the one I had last year. But it will be an experience I guess. Next year I WILL have my OWN room if it kills me, seriously. I can't believe how fast time is moving though! In a few months it'll be 2005 and then I can say "I'm getting married next year!" Woohoo. And hopefully we'll set the date early next year so I'll have a more definite time than "May/June."

Today I had to drop my mom off at the doctor's at 8am, so I went to Target and Barnes and Noble until 10am when I had to pick her up again. I saw this book in BN: Getting Personal. The reviews aren't wonderful but it caught my eye. I might treat myself to it sometime, when I have some cash to spare. Oooo, speaking of cash I was pre-approved for another credit card, which I am going to take as it'll be good to build my credit woohoo. Have to be careful with it of course, but as everyone knows I'm as sensible as they come - especially with money!


Anonymous said...

Hey Juls!
Aww thats a lovely photo of you and your sister, wow it looks so sunny there, is it still like that for you? I know its hot, but I need sunshine and I would swap you for the rain and cloud we have here today :(!

Have a wonderful weekend sweetie! How is the clean up going after the hurricane?

Kamie said...

Oh wow Juls, that's scary, glad your sister is okay. I can't belive how fast your schooling is going... gosh!! Hope the rest of your week is great.

NatalieLucy said...

Hey Juls,

Sorry to hear you have a cold, I hope you get better soon, I hate being ill. That's good that you have your new roommate, I hope you two get along. I know it can be hard sharing dorm rooms, my sister never got along with her roomates. Anyway hope you have a good weekend, take care.


Anonymous said...

hi from lizzy!
wow, that hurricane was nasty...thanks for sending it up to england after, when we where there.. it was " chucking down" the whole time . lol anyway, glad to hear you are ok, and hope you and your texas roomie get along. i had a very relaxing lovely trip with my fantstic in laws.. lots of sitting around and chin wagging.. resting , pub lunches , and relaxing,, just the ticket for tired preggies. we went to liverpool one day, the four of us, in the middle of a huge rain storm , to go to the maritime museum, and all got nasty colds. we also went to shrewsbury to see sis in laws new house, and kitties.. all of these trips included long lunches in great pubs, with poor me just being able to drink water.. sob! lol
my in laws spoiled the hell out of me and the new grandchild to be, which was just what i needed. mum and i watched all of those great horrible cleaning shows, like "how to clean is your house" , and " grimebusters" also" corrie," and "home and away", and "where the heart is", while the menfolk fed and watered us,, boy do we have them trained.. lol
hubbie and i were in nantwich, the medival town next to crewe, buying 2 bratz cats at woolies( what evryone does in a medieval town, no?lol)when we saw a wedding in the gorgeous 14th century church there.. the church bells chimed for half an hour , a whole bunch of people going about their biz stopped to see the action , and the bride rode up in a horse and carriage on the cobbled streetds,,
i thought of you... what a teriffic way to get married! what are petes thoughts on this?
anyway counting the days till the in laws come over for ten days in novemeber now.. and like you, its back to the work grind, and so- long holidays for another year... arghgghh
take care, girl!

Juls said...

Wow that wedding sounds really lovely Lizzy!!! I would totally be up for that, but my mom is a bit insistant that we have it here in FL in the Catholic church etc etc. But then we're having a party in England for all those who couldn't make it to the actual event. So two weddings woohoo ;)

Glad to hear you had a good time with the in laws! Ahhh all the cleaning shows - did you catch Waking the Dead on BBC 1 ? MIL2B is taping it for me now was I miss it so much being back in the US and its not even on BBC America!

Hope you and bump are doing good lizzy :)

Anonymous said...

aww, thsanks juls
more anglo -phile share time... heres website about natnwich, which is just three miles form crewe and davids house..
it is filled with half timbered buildings from the 15th hundreds, and its gorgeous 14th century church.. where i saw the wedding.
all of the locals seem oblivious to the fact that they live next to such amazing architecture.
on a very fun note, when i was in the church, an old man who was a church keeper asked me to sign the guest book... when he found out i was israeli, he said" oh good morning" to me in hebrew!
turns out he had been a british mandate mounted policeman in pre- stateisrael ( than palestine) in the 1930s and forties.. he was 91 and sharo as a tack.. we taled for an hour until the weddign began,, talk about a walking history book!
the old boy was thrilled to parctice hebrew and talk about my country , as i was thrilled silly to be in such an amzing gorgoues jewel of a church.
fun fun fun

Juls said...

Awwww you both made each other's day then Lizzy ;) Thats great!