Sunday, August 22, 2004


Originally uploaded by princessjuls02.

This is the cake I made last night, because I just felt like making a cake. It was very yummy!


Anne said...

Hey Juls,

Yummy cake!!! You got coffee to go with it?? I'll be over in a jiffy!! LOL!! Seriously though, I'm glad it was able to take your mind off things for a bit. *BIG HUGS*

Anonymous said...

hey you baking fool, thats a fine looking cake there. if that was sitting in this house looking so chocolatey and yummy, it would have a life span of about 1.3 seconds.
and thats just me.

Juls said...

Anonymous (I can't figure out who you are?)

By the end of the night only one piece was left and I brought it down to the motel for my dad ;)

Anonymous said...

lol, sorry about that, it was dizzy lizzy, madame senilty.... forgot to put on my name.
the pic of the cake had addled me, you see.

Juls said...

Hehe awww Lizzy I know it was very yummy looking as well as tasting ;)