Sunday, August 15, 2004

Well as some of you might know the hurricane changed directions and hit Fort Myers in the south of the state before weakening a bit and heading straight for Orlando and then Daytona. The past 2 days have been very busy and hectic and I am VERY tired. My mom and I went to my sisters yesterday around noon time because she had to go into work at 1pm (she works for the power company, as does her husband) so we were there to watch the twins. We didn't think it would hit us and the worst that would happen would be thunder storms, but then it changed directions. Actually I think our area (central Florida) was lucky because it weakened and the damage is very patchy (some streets are bad and others aren't. Most of the damage is trees that have fallen because of rain and high winds. Some mobile home parks are very damaged, but basically all the counties' mobile home parks were asked to evacuate voluntarily.

My sister's houses still doesn't have power, along with most of the homes in her area. The motel regained power quickly after the winds, and our house also got power back early this afternoon. Pete called me at the motel this morning to make sure I was okay as he heard that the hurricane hit Orlando and Daytona ;) Very sweet of him, especially since he was at his cousins and had to go back home to call me :) Today we have been taking care of the twins and they finally went to bed a few mins ago! They are very hard work! And on top of everything, I have a cold/sinus thing that I got from my mom, who got it from my brother :( Just took some night time cold/flu medicine so I think that's kicking in :)

Going to go to sleep pretty soon! What a long two days!!

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NatalieLucy said...

Hey Juls,

Glad to hear, your all okay. Sounds very hectic there, I've seen a lot of it on the news. My Friend who is on an exhange programe in Walt Disney Orlando, and she called me just before it hit. She was very scared, and nervous about it, seeming we don't get that sort of weather in the UK.

Glad to hear your okay.
Hope your feeling better soon.
Take Care.