Friday, October 07, 2005

Autumn Girl

I remember seeing this skin on probably last autumn and really liking it. I was going to change to it yesterday but I had to find a code that would take off the blogger navigation bar because it chopped off the girl's hat and some of the text on the right side.

I really like it. I know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so I was thinking of leaving the old template up until the end of the month but I just needed a bit of color! Plus I love the limited autumn we get here lol basically a break from the heat :)

I might set up a seperate blog (as if I need another one) or a geocities site for in memory of my mom sometime soon, when I have a break from school...speaking of which I should go start my essay that's due on Tuesday..ahh.


Anonymous said...

It's a lovely skin, only it disappears in the peach part below and the sidebar is in the way of your text. Otherwise, I think it's perfect! :)

//Everyday Stranger

Juls said...

It looks ok on my PC but on my mac it's messed up...might have to see what i can do...does anyone know how to fix it ?