Saturday, October 22, 2005

Discovering Destiny ? Or Desperation?

I've you've known me for awhile you'll know the last thing I ever wanted to become was and English teacher. But I've always loved them and their complex knowledge of things that don't really matter but make you think. Well, I'm having an epiphany I think. Because...I think thats what I want to be. Maybe its sentimentality. Or just sheer desperation to find a real career beyond "vague media person." But finances being what they are I probably won't be going to grad school too soon...which I think is good because lord knows I need a break from academia. Hmmm...maybe I've been abducted by aliens...but yes that's my latest thought! Frightening indeed!


Sara said...

Complex knowledge like mr. hunter? You could be full of surprises like him too, if you know what I mean :p Speaking of which, there is a charter bus company called william hunter.

Cold drizzly scottish afternoons are perfect for napping.

Juls said...

Ha the infamous whisk! Yeah he's among English teacher role models lol. Though thats kind of scary!