Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Feeling totally unmotivated today! Have a breif article due at 3:30 so I should do that fast. Not digging working for the paper this semester, none of my stuff is getting published, I get the crap stories, and basically I just don't care. So I might drop that "class" its only one credit hour and I've already taken it before so I don't really need it.

Pete and I have been talking about the whole "where to live" question lately. Basically it depends on jobs at the moment, if he still doesn't have anything decent by January we're going to re-evaluate the situation and see what we come up with. Now that one place is looking more possible than the other, I'm longing for the opposite one and coming up with positives for that! God only knows what we'll end up doing.


Fiona said...

Good luck with your decision, Juls. It definitely makes sense to go where the jobs are, but maybe also go with your heart a little bit... Good luck with getting some motivation for your study aswell! I remember I had a serious motivation problem in my last year of Uni, just wanted it to be over...not long to go for you now though.

Me, Myself and I said...

It might not be easy at all, but first year you should 'surviv' some way. After you are all economically settle, you can do whatever ;-)
Hope you get to determinate where to live soon. Good luck to Pete at hi job hunt!!!

Jennie said...

Oooh, love the fall look and your little intro text. Very cool.

Best of luck with the moving decision. It's tough when it's such a major thing as moving countries.