Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sunny Florida

I'm watching the 10pm local news. I really really really hate this city's local news. Its like some alternative universe. You know what was the lead story this evening? That its 60F outside. Yeah. Because that's really cold. What planet are you people from? This is NICE weather, not cold. One woman had her scarf and gloves out today, according the news. WTF save the hats and gloves for somewhere that's cooler than 40F. My Galaxy and Cadbury's is gone. I have depleted my illegal ration :( Only about a month and 2 weeks until I can get real chocolate from England! yay! Mmmmm. Might make my second cup of peach tea..its been a long day!


Me, Myself and I said...

Gosh, I wanna here to be cold! it is more like spring than autumn....eeekkk it really sucks.

Btw, I have heard that Florida is suffering from the hurricane a lot :( even lots of citizens have their electricity off and a few ones have died. Hope it calms realy soon.
Take care, ok?

Juls said...

Thanks Miriam!

That's in south Florida, near Miami and etc. My brother in law works for the power company and they don't think all the power will be restored until Nov 22nd or something crazy! And I know it SUCKS to have no power!

Sarah said...

They do the same thing here with the "weather". We get a centimeter of rain and all of a sudden it's "STORMWATCH: 2005" all over the news...I'm like, "If you people only KNEW what weather was you wouldn't be complaining!"

I'm glad you weren't affected by the hurricane. It sounds like it was pretty bad in South Florida...especially with the power outage affecting the food and gas distribution.

Lynn said...

LOL...people in Georgia and Florida have no idea what real cold is!! Btw, get ready for the coldest winter in a long time over here, Juls! Better bring some warm clothes....we keep getting told its going to be freezing, but its still quite warm at the moment.