Monday, October 24, 2005

This is Autumn

This is the first day its seemed like autumn in Florida! It might have to do with Hurricane Wilma...but at least it isn't 80F anymore...well for now! Chilly and rainy but not anywhere near cold...I could do with a less rain and a bit more chill but its nice anyway. Not much else to report life is boring. This weekend we had Thanksgiving 0.5 - my sister wanted to cook a turkey to see how it would turn out - since she's never done it before. Well, note to self, learn how to cook a turkey. Because my sister's was ok, but she didn't cook it long enough the first time so it had to be put back in, and it tasted a little funny to me afterwards. If theres another thing I could ask my mom it would be: "how do you cook a turkey?" I vaguely remember her showing my last year though. That's the worst thing about death...there isn't any way to know the answers to things you never thought to ask.

Updated: Note to self - big trucks and big puddles on old streets = soaking wet jeans with cold gross puddle water. All people in cars who race down wet roads and splash innocent bystanders just wanting to get back from the Communications building should be shot. Enough said.

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Pete said...

Don't worry baby, you can ask my Mum about cooking a turkey. ;-)