Monday, March 08, 2004

Busy Day

Well I had a pretty good but busy weekend and Monday thus far.

On Saturday I studied for my Electronic Media test that I had at 11am today. I went to my sister's house in the evening and babysitted my niece and nephew.

Then on Sunday I went back to the motel and helped my dad clean rooms, in the afternoon my friend Sara picked me up there (as my car is still in the shop being fixed.) We ended up going to the mall where we were able to chat to our friend Becca who we haven't seen in ages who works in the GAP. We raided the clearence racks there and I got a pair of boot-cut black corduroy pants/trousers. The original price on them was $48 and I got them for $10! And... a nice fitted black skirt that goes a little past the knee and flairs out a bit, the original price on that was something like $50 and I got it for... $5!! Gotta love GAP clearance!!! Then we went to the movies to and saw "50 First Dates." I didn't expect it to be as cute as it was, it was so funny in some parts and sad in others. It was so technically not possible but then again it IS a MOVIE hehe. I also got a really cute address book at TJ MAXX - which I might take a pic of because its so cute! That was like $4.

Then Sara dropped me off at the motel, I went home with my parents, then from our house my dad drove me back here. I got here around 10pm and studied for my electronic media test until about 12:30 am, got up at 7:30am to study some more. At 11am I took the test, skipped my 12pm class to work on a first draft for my Advanced Expository Writing second paper, and then came back here. I "presented" a quote to the class today from "Lost & Found." Not a lot of people got the British way of life enough to understand it which I expected hehe. Now I'm going to go work on my paper some more (as we have a second draft due on Friday.) The work never ends!!

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