Friday, March 12, 2004

Toilet Paper Day!

Ah yes the thrills of dorm life - I saw on the RA's board this morning: Thursday = Toilet Paper Day! It's when we can pick up our allocated amount of toilet paper - yipee. I am totally addicted to this wedding site and forum Gem recommended to me Your Day 2 Remember. I read a lot posts from brides-to-be from Essex so thats pretty cool. Worked on my paper today - not much more than that. I watched the second part of the Diana Tapes thing on NBC - it was pretty good, I knew all the stuff already from being a former royal watcher and reading Morton's book. I have to say putting Andrew Morton and Penny Junor on the same program about Princess Diana is like putting two trailer trash enemies on Jerry Springer and having them duke it out. But they both seemed to say there are two sides to every story which I totally agree with. Anyway - bedtime. I thought it was funny how NBC made it so dramatic with the camera effects swishing in and out and the photographs combined with the text quotes. Ah the advantages of being a Comm major you recognize these things!

Random Quiz found on Kamie's blog:

Lucida Calligraphy - You tend towards the arts.
You tend to stand out in a crowd and have your
own style. Be careful not to be too aloof,

What Font Are You? (Standard Fonts)
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