Saturday, March 06, 2004

New Name, Same Address

Yeah I got bored with "Jul's World Unscripted" so I changed it to this. Still keeping it as just because I don't want everyone to have to change their links. I guess I should make a new linkie blinkie too when I have time. This weekends is jam-packed with fun stuff and studying. I'm babysitting my niece and nephew tomorrow night at my sister's house. Then I might do something with my friend Sara on Sunday.

In the mood to buy new clothes as its getting to be spring in FL and all my summery clothes are now too big! yay! I really want to but a long khaki ( tan color) skirt. Today I was able to take my jeans off without un-buttoning them! woohoo. I'm so sleepy and its 9am, this always happens to me on Fridays! I need to make notecards tonight too! UGH.

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