Thursday, March 11, 2004

Ever since I woke up this morning my legs have been achy. I guess it's because I did my walking 2 mile dvd last night for the first time in about a week. I also had a hard time getting up, probably due to the walking as well. Not a lot going on here. With a little more than a month left of the semester everything is coming closer and closer with a paper and/or a project due in every class. Not to mention finals. Ugh. Oh well still have a little bit of time to get everything done.

Pete might make his quiz tomorrow - he didn't feel in the creative mood today. I'm probably staying here this weekend to catch up on some work and enjoy some peace and quiet. I've been really thinking about why I enjoy my time in England as much as I do, the main reason is that I feel like I am independent there. There are a lot of examples of this which I won't get into right now - but it's just so contrasting to how I am treated here. Nothing really major just a lot of little small things.

Anyway I better get off here and go print out my stuff at the library, then work on my paper. Fun fun.

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