Saturday, March 20, 2004

Ms. Strong LDR Woman, Yes that's me!

How many couples have met after Pete and I did and have already gotten married? Loads. Sometimes I feel like that's a bit pathetic on my part that we can't get it together that much to do it. But it's not a competition. It will be close to 8 years after Pete and I met on the internet when we get married. But we have grown up together. We share something unique and special. As Pete said in a very lovely note to me in one of my Christmas presents (a personalized photo album for us.) Few have gone through what we have for so long and have endured. But we will, because we are strong. We have been through hell, and have cried tears of anger, sadness, depression, and loneliness. But we have endure. We have taken it slow and shared a lot. We continue to grow together and individually without rushing for an end result. This is not any reply to anything, and it is not an explanation. It is just my feelings as this moment as I share my life with my soulmate. There will be tears to come and much laughter and joy. But we will endure all.

No need to comment this is just my expression for the day.

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