Saturday, March 27, 2004

Spring Break

Well not much of a 2 day spring break was had by me.

Yesterday I spent the day watching BBC America - which we have again here at home yay. There is just nothing like it - an anglophile's dream I'm telling you!
And I made notecards for my abnormal psych test on Monday. Still need to do a little less than a chapter... which I'll do in a min.

Today I did much of the same thing, only less work lol. Went to Chinese with my mom and brothers which was really good.

Updated the Wedding Planner:

I'll post the links on here for Gem to see - even though she knows the lowdown on the plans from YourDay2Remember ;)

I like the mix and match bride's maids outfits like the ones here.

We like the a black suit for Pete like this one.

I really like this cake design - with light pink roses maybe :) The page even has directions which is cool but I doubt Pete's mum will need them ;)

Oh and on Weds. I opened up a savings account and was pre-approved for a credit card from the bank. So that should be coming in the mail soon - yay. Not that I will go nuts with it or anything. But will come in handy to book the flight - better get saving!

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